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This event is an interactive, hands on, real life speaking training and networking experience, workshop style, where you can grow your business to the level you have always dreamed about.

    • Do you want a steady stream of new clients?
    • Would you like to become a Centre of Influence?
    • Do you want results by way of referrals and new business?

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Here is a little of what attendees said about Janet and Sharon’s Events.

Such knowledge, sharing and teaching – invaluable to anyone wanting to coach and speak in any situation. I have so much motivation and inspiration


Their ability to make things simple and easy to understand and the reason why you do certain things in a certain way, is truly remarkable


You will Learn:

    • How to structure your story
    • How relationship forming can work for your business
    • How to use stories to illustrate your point
    • When to have wisdom, be vulnerable or call to action
    • Relationship building etiquette
    • How to get into Speaker State before your presentation
    • How to get the audience to sit up and take notice
    • How to awaken the audience into taking action
    • How to arouse emotions and feelings within the audience
    • How to inspire courage in your audience to make a change
    • How to develop Ambassadors keen to promote your business
    • The art of following up
    • Tips for effective networking and identifying and magnifying your Return on Investment
    • What questions to ask the promoters
    • How to get speaking gigs
    • How to grow your database full of potential clients through speaking and networking
    • What to do before, during, and after each event
    • What to get paid for speaking gigs and by networking
    • When not to get paid for speaking gigs and networking
    • How to get the right audience in the room for your own event

This is what people are saying
about Janet Culpitt

Sharon believes that having great systems in your business is the easiest wat to grow you business to the level not thought possible. At this workshop Sharon again delivers the systems you need to be the best you need to be.

Here’s what is said about Sharon’s Systems

You will Receive

    • The 4 Stage Ultimate Speaking Biz System
    • The 5 P.O.I.N.T Content Creator
    • The Ultimate Story Telling System
    • The Unique Solution Framework formula
    • The Confident Speakers S.T.E.P.S. Program
    • Self-Critique methods and templates for you to ensure you remain on track and don’t get complacent
    • 90 Day Networking business plan

You will

    • Be confident to step on stage knowing the outcome
    • Have your Unique Solution Framework
    • You will have a professional “elevator pitch” for any occasion
    • Have your default speaker stance set
    • Know your stage movements and have them structured
    • Overcome any fears or negative beliefs you hold around networking
    • Design and present an easy recall framework for your presentation
    • Design and present your unique content for all audiences
    • Design and present a compelling story for any environment
    • Have your posture and gestures formulated
    • Have the ability to grow your speaking biz and to network with confidence

Just simply click on this button below to change your coaching business and your life.

Who is this event for?

    • Professionals who want to stand out on the speaking circuit
    • Business owners who wish to be an effective networker and connector
    • People who want to be seen, get known and make money
    • People who want an effective “follow up” strategy
    • People who want to be a connection and networking master
    • People who want a lifestyle business travelling all over the world
    • People who want to be more effective in their existing world
    • People who want to earn an income far beyond what they are earning now
    • Speakers who want to share their story with more people
    • Passionate entrepreneurs who want to earn money speaking all over the world
    • People who are wanting to start-up a speaking business
    • Consultants, mentors, advisors, service providers who want to easily attract more clients by speaking from the stage
    • Shy people who want to overcome their fear of speaking from the stage or simply in front of a group of people

Who is this event not for?

    • If you don’t want to grow yourself or business
    • If you don’t want to grow a long-term business
    • If you don’t think your presentation needs changing
    • If you don’t have a genuine desire to help people
    • If your speaking business is already earning you more money than you require
    • If you want to speak from the stage to earn a quick buck and not deliver real value
    • If you don’t want to change your lifestyle

Just simply click on this button below to change your coaching business and your life.

At the completion of this workshop you will have designed, completed and presented:

    • Your own compelling story
    • Your unique solution framework
    • Your teaching content
    • Overcome your fears
    • Know your “elevator pitch” to confidently bring a call to action
    • Be able to start and adapt conversations
    • Have a successful 90 day networking business plan to implement
    • Have a series of 10 ways to stay in touch with your network effectively and with purpose


Don’t Know Janet or Sharon?

This is what people are saying about
Sharon as a speaker

Well what can I say, I was introduced to Sharon and I was amazed at what she did.

I have been privileged enough to attend some of her events that she holds (I am not a person who goes along to these things) and I wasn’t too sure about the whole thing but when I went to her events I was truly amazed at how real they are. How personal they are, and how much Sharon cares about people and helping them in their business to succeed.

These events are fun, really fun, you are not looking at your watch thinking is it time to go yet? You really do want to hear more of what Sharon has to say. I am a person who can switch off easily and this didn’t happen at her events. I didn’t want to miss anything she had to say and share with us.

Sharon is not a boring speaker – she keeps it real and interesting. Sharon makes each one of you feel special when you attend which is really lovely.

If you haven’t been to one of her events and are thinking about it like I was, just do it! You will not regret it. It is so professionally run and interesting you will not be sorry.

-Andrea Welsh
Creative Director, ASK Creative

We were lucky enough to have Sharon join us as a guest speaker at a recent Team Building Event. Being in the Customer Service business, Sharon brought the day to life with an energetic and personable discussion, highlighting some of her secrets to success. And the team were literally hanging on to every word, taking notes when she shared insights and laughing along as she told stories to demonstrate her theory in practice. All in all it was a terrific session and I’d highly recommend Sharon for other speaking engagements.

-Sarah Corey
Head of Customer Service IT, Woolworths Ltd

This is what people are saying about
Janet as the ‘networking queen’

Janet Culpitt is the Networking Queen.

She is the main reason I joined local networking groups and her training, tips and constant support has helped me grow my business.

I am forever grateful for my path crossing with this wonderful lady.

Networking has benefited my business in more ways than I could imagine and I have Janet to thank for that.

If you have an opportunity to attend one of her events or webinars, I highly recommend you do so.

-Tina Hay
Marketing Strategist, Marketing Coach, Social Media Manager,
Social Media Trainer, Copy Writer

Janet Culpitt is a master networker!

She has a natural ability to connect with likeminded business people and create business opportunities in a win/win way.

Janet is a strategic, forward thinker who is highly professional in her approach. …….committed to continuous learning and growth.

-Paul Pavlic
General Manager – Practice Development & Coaching at
GPS Wealth Limited

About Janet

Janet has used her own style of connecting or “networking ” to grow a six-figure income for her own financial planning business & she coaches business owners how to use this same approach and many of her trusted procedures and steps, to grow their own businesses.

She connects people with her own network to benefit other’s business regularly and has become the “go to” connector for all who know her.

She can easily work on your existing business to help you grow your business, effortlessly and easily and with passion and enthusiasm. Helping you to Be Seen Get Known Make Money.

About Sharon

Her real-life experiences and stories captivate the attendees in the room. Sharon has the attendees interacting and laughing along the way while delivering relevant content.

Sharon doesn’t use magic tricks or high pressure sales, she’s about being structured, putting processes in place to make your business work, being committed to and passionate about what you do in your business.

Sharon guides you, inspires you, challenges you and shows you how to grow you and your business faster then you ever expected.